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6 Easy Ways To Prevent Termites in your Home/Office

One of the main reasons why termites are tough to deal with is that they cannot be detected until they have done considerable damage and have set up large colonies. Since thousands of termites live together in these colonies, this makes it really hard to get relieve of them without professional help. However, also you need to take a many termite prevention measures immedietely, If you have detected the presence of termites in your home.

Here is a 6 easy list of  things you can do to prevent termites from spreading and ensure that the treatment is successful:

1. Get Rid of Moisture: Moisture is one of the main reasons that attract all kinds of pests including termites into your home.

2. Fix Leaks: Pay attention to any leaks or decay in your house. Decayed roofs and moisture-laden walls work as perfect hosts for termites.

3. Declutter Your House: Pay special attention to useless papers, cardboards, old magazines and newspapers since these provide a great environment for pests like termites.

4. Maintain a Distance Between Soil and Wood: If you have a garden, ensure that there is some distance between the soil and wood.

5. Use Borate on Wood Before Priming or Painting: Borate is one of the most popular termite repellents. You can spray borate on wood prior to priming and painting.

6. Place Infected Items in the Sun: If you find that termites are damaging a piece of furniture, place it in direct sunlight for at least three consecutive days. This termite protection strategy can work well in summer since termites cannot stand the heat.

If termites have already attacked your home, then the first thing that you need to do is to call a pest control company to carry out a thorough inspection and then get termite control treatment done in your home. After the home termite control treatment, you can maintain your home better by cleaning your furniture regularly with oils such as neem oil to keep termites at bay in addition to taking the above measures.

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